P-1A-全不銹鋼壓力錶-21L21B-25, 35

P-1A-全不銹鋼壓力錶-21L21B-25, 35


●  Disc Blow Out Protection                      ●  Dry but Field Liquid Fillable

●  Open Front / Removable Ring                ●  316SS or Monel Wetted Parts 

●  Excellent Corrosion Resistance Stainless Steel Case






HAWK 21L and 21B series bourdon tube all stainless steel pressure gauges are designed to fulfill the requirements  of high quality from various industries. The wetted parts can be in brass, 316 stainless steel or monel. The 316SS construction pressure gauges are good in use on demanding applications where corrosion resistance, rugged environment resistance and reliable operation are required.

Liquid Filling or dampened movement is available to diminish the effects of vibration, pulsation and shock and further enhances the gauge life. These gauges are ideal to use combined with diaphragm seal where re-calibration is required.


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